Lock Haven University complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), governing access to educational records.

Under the provisions of FERPA, the University may release directory information about students without violating privacy rights. Lock Haven University does not make directory information generally available to the public. Lock Haven University limits its release of directory information for official University purposes, e.g., identifying athletic team members, publishing Deanís Lists, issuing academic awards, and to those organizations that are officially affiliated with the University or with whom the University has a contractual relationship. Directory information includes name, local/permanent/university email addresses, phone numbers, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities/sports, weight/height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degree and awards received and dates of receipt, academic awards received (including but not limited to Deanís List), most recent previous educational institution attended, academic level, enrollment status (full- or part-time), classification, and receipt or non-receipt of a degree.