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The Haven Advantage.  It’s the people students meet. The places they explore. The intersection of their past, present, and future. It’s a community that helps build the road towards their dreams. Challenges they didn’t see coming but overcame nonetheless. It’s fresh air. It’s bells ringing and birds singing and all the big and little things that only happen here. The Haven Advantage is a never-ending stream of experiences that will shape who students become.

It's also the connection we build with parents. We use this portal to help you stay connected to The Haven. If you would like to receive periodic email updates, we encourage you to also sign up for our parent email.

Quick Links for Parents

We have compiled a few of the most common pages parents visit. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please call us at 570-484-2011.
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Flex Dollars are used in the dining hall and the affiliated dining areas only. Parents can make a guest deposit to add flex to your student’s account with a credit card.  Please note - Flex Dollars are not the same as Haven Dollars.   

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Haven Dollars are put on the student's ID card and can be used with on-campus vending, laundry, and at the bookstore.  Parents wishing to add additional funds should make a guest deposit using a credit card.
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Here you will find a list of important dates and deadlines.

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Here you can view an interactive map of campus. 

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Here you will find information regarding LHU police, parking and environmental health and safety.  You'll also find safety tips, statistics and training information.

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Here you will find available campus employment opportunities as well as information regarding how you can help your student prepare for their future career.

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Here you'll find information on all of the meal plans and dining services available at LHU.

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Here you will find directions to LHU.

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Here you will find all information related to applying, awarding and maintaining financial aid at LHU.

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Here you will find the required health form, the record release form, a list of local pharmacies, and student health insurance information. 

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Here you will find information about parking on campus.

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Here you will find information related to student scheduling and registration. The Registrar's Office processes grades, graduation clearance, verifies enrollment, processes transcript requests, and administers academic policies.
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Here you will find information regarding scholarships for current LHU students.  

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Here you will find information related to student bills, refunds, payments and tuition payment options. Student bills reflect registration, housing, meal plans, scholarships, financial aid and other payments.

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Here you will find information regarding housing options, associated costs, what to pack, and laundry and postal services. You will also find information about the move-in process.  

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Haven Help Parent Series

If you missed one of the following episodes of the Haven Help Parent series, you can click on the link to watch it at your convenience.

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