The Registrar's Office is responsible for student scheduling and registration, processing grades, graduation clearance, verifying enrollment and degree, maintaining the student's official academic record, transfer credit evaluations, and administering academic policies.
Mission Statement
The Registrar's Office is dedicated to providing quality service in an efficient, professional, and ethical manner.  The members of the office strive to uphold the policies of the University and to preserve the academic integrity of the University.  The Registrar's Office staff offer helpful assistance and accurate and prompt responses.  We create a welcome atmosphere by treating each individual in a professional and respectful manner.
Office Feedback
If you have contacted the Registrar's Office and would like to commend an employee for professional and helpful service or if you feel you were provided incorrect information or not treated professionally and respectfully, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Please email me with details.
Meisha McDermit
LHU Interim Registrar
Have questions?  Maybe our FAQ page will help. 


General Registrar Office questions, general registration questions, walk-in registrations, high school student registrations, substitution/waiver forms, transfer credits:  Phone - 570-484-2006
Enrollment verifications, major changes, advisor changes, address changes request to resume studies, new student advisor assignments, Act 48, registration of internships/individualized instructions/independent studies:  Phone - 570-484-2124
Master schedule of classes, room assignments (for credit-bearing courses), graduation:   Phone - 570-484-2008
If you are unsure which number to call or your reason for contacting the Registrar's Office is not included above, phone 570-484-2006. 
Office Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location:  Ulmer 224

Fax:  570-484-2734


Federal School Code:  003323
CEEB:  2654 
Meisha McDermit, Interim Registrar
Tina Probst, Clerical Supervisor 
Kylie Shirk, Administrative Secretary 
  • Grades are not mailed. Students log on to their myHaven account to access grades.
  • If you are placed on academic warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal at the close of the semester, your letter is mailed to your home address on record.
  • If you receive an incomplete grade and do not know why this grade has been recorded, please contact the instructor.
REGISTRATION FOR FALL 2021 begins Monday, April 5th for graduate students and Wednesday, April 7th for undergraduate students.
Students are limited to no more than 17.5 sh during the initial registration period.  In late April, students will be able to add up to to 18.0 sh for the fall 2021 semester.
Students who want to take more than 18.0 sh (an overload) incur additional costs and must complete the Course Add form (use the section labeled "Add credits beyond 18.0 semester hours").
  • New fall 2021 freshmen and transfer students' schedules will be developed by the Registrar's Office. 
  • Schedule changes may occur; however, every effort will be made to keep changes to a minimum and done only if necessary.
  • New freshmen students may not make schedule changes.  New freshmen must contact their academic advisor or major department chairperson to discuss their schedule; the advisor or major department chairperson will make appropriate changes.  
  • If you purchase your textbooks prior to the start of the semester, please beware of the seller's return/refund policy in the event your schedule does change.  We encourage you to purchase your textbooks from the LHU Bookstore.



all course changes must be completeD during the drop/add period -  (first week of classes) - 2020-2021

Fall Semester – Tuesday, September 3 (15 week semester courses);  Wednesday, August 28 (1st half semester courses); Friday, October 18 (2nd half semester courses)

Spring Semester - Monday, February 1 (15 week semester courses); Wednesday, January 27 (1st half semester courses); Wednesday, March 17 (2nd half semester courses)

Review your official class schedule through myHaven – Students can change their own schedule throughout the drop/add period. 

  • New freshmen will meet with their advisor to make schedule changes.
  • D2L is not an official registration schedule.  Students should not be enrolled in D2L courses unless they are verified in the myHaven class schedule.  If this occurs, please contact the Registrar’s office immediately.  You may not receive credit for your work. 

Students are not permitted to “sit in” on a class without being registered,  even if they are waiting for a seat to become available.

Students must be officially registered by the “last day to add” on the academic calendar.


  • Students should verify their biographical and academic information annually.  This may be done under the menu option on the left: Students-Verify Information
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