Please complete the Withdrawal/Not Returning form to notify LHU that you are withdrawing from the current semester and/or not returning for the next semester. You can use this form to:

  • CANCEL all registered classes
  • WITHDRAW from the current semester
  • MEDICALLY WITHDRAW from the current semester
  • NOT RETURN / TRANSFER for a future semester


Please read the information below for clarification of the Enrollment Status Options.


CANCEL all registered classes

  • This cancels all future registrations for courses, rooms and meals, including summer sessions and winter intersession.
  • To return to LHU, students will complete the Request to Resume Studies form.
  • This is not a transcript request.  You may request transcripts by completing the LHU Transcript Request form.  

When you cancel registrations for the current semester it must be completed before or during the first week of the semester.

ADDITIONALLY-This option can be completed after you have accepted our offer of admission but before you have arrived to campus for the semester.

  • You will not receive a refund of your deposit.
  • This does not remove your acceptance to LHU.  You may change your starting semester to the next semester if interested.


WITHDRAW from the current semester

This option can be completed until classes end for the semester (excluding the final examination period).

  • W grades are assigned. These credits count toward your number of attempted credits. Consult the Financial Aid Office to learn how this may affect your eligibility for financial aid.
  • Students are responsible for tuition and fees according to the Student Accounts Refund Chart.


MEDICALLY WITHDRAW from the current semester

This option is available for students who have a medical situation preventing them from successfully completing the semester.  This type of withdrawal requires a Medical Verification Form (Medical Verification Form updated 8.1.2022.pdf) to be submitted by a medical professional. Medical withdrawals are available for 30 days after the semester ends.


NOT RETURN / TRANSFER for future semester

This option is available for students who are transferring or not returning to LHU for whatever reason.  If you are not currently registered for classes and would like to let us know you are transferring to not returning to LHU.



If you are interested in dropping or withdrawing from a SINGLE course at LHU, please complete the following steps:

Complete the Add/Drop Process on myHaven –> Student –> Course Schedule and Registration

Students can drop or withdraw from their own courses until the week before finals week. (First semester freshman: all schedule changes are done with your academic advisor or major department chair.) 

Please note: students will Add/Drop/Withdraw themselves during the summer and winter intersessions.