Student Recruitment Information

Per the Solomon Amendment, institutions of higher education are required to provide “student recruiting information” for all students who are at least seventeen (17) years of age and enrolled for at least one credit hour at their institution to military recruiters.

The Solomon Amendment supercedes FERPA. 

At Lock Haven University, “student recruiting information” includes the following: student’s name, home address, telephone number, LHU email address, birth date, level of education (e.g., freshman, sophomore, etc.), academic major, and campus. Colleges need not provide other information or information it does not collect or maintain.

  • Information released is limited to the current semester or the previous semester. If the request is received between semesters, the requestor must specify previous semester or upcoming semester.
  • Students must be enrolled.
  • If a student requests that their directory information be withheld under FERPA, this protection will be honored under Solomon; the student's records will not be released.

Procedure for Requesting Student Recruiting Information

Information released is limited to military recruiting purposes only. Military Recruiters are required to submit their request in writing, on letterhead that clearly identifies their military recruiting organization.  (Sample of written request to be submitted by military recruiter: Solomon Amendment Request sample.pdf)

This request can be mailed or emailed as an attachment to the Registrar's Office:

     Lock Haven University
     Registrar's Office
     401 North Fairview Street
     Lock Haven, PA 17745

The requested "student recruitment information" will be provided to the military recruiter in an Excel file as an email attachment.