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Lock Haven University does not have a form to be completed to request an Apostille.  This information provides the necessary steps to request an Apostille.

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Students wishing to report completion of college level credit-bearing courses earned at Lock Haven University to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for Act 48 Teacher Certification should complete and sign this form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

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To declare Interdisciplinary Studies for a major, use the form at this page with more explanation about the Interdisciplinary Studies major. 


Currently enrolled students who want to change to the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) major, please complete the Nursing Application form.  **Students who were previously enrolled and want to return to LHU for the ASN major must complete the Nursing Application formPlease do not submit the Resume Studies form or the Change of Major/Declare Academic Minor form at this time.**

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This form replaces the Change of Schedule form.

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To be completed by faculty member prior to student's completion of experience.  This is a revised form to reflect general education experiential learning competencies implemented fall 2014.

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According to PASSHE procedure/standard 2016-25-A:'s%20Degree%20Programs%20.%20.%20.2016-25-A.pdf  - A student who has been admitted into a graduate level program may take graduate level coursework and apply those grad level credits back to their UG degree.  The grad level credits are applied to the UG degree as internal transfer work and does not count toward the UG overall GPA.  Only the credits are “transferred”.  The graduate level course work must count toward the UG degree; as either free elective credit or as an equivalent for an undergrad program requirement. 

In order to have this processed, the LHU Use of Graduate Level Courses for Undergrad Requirements form must be completed and approved.

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