Read these instructions carefully as you will register for your own courses:

Students should contact their faculty advisor or major department chairperson for appropriate program advice.  Students who decide to schedule without the input of the faculty advisor or major chair do so at their own risk.  Your assigned faculty advisor can be found on the Student tab of myHaven, under the 'Assigned Advisor and Major' section.  

Registration is done online using myHaven; registration information is found on myHaven > Registrar tab


  1. Log into myHaven.
  2. Choose the ‘Student’ tab then ‘Course Schedule and Registration’. 
  3. Choose the Add/Drop Courses link. Make sure you select the correct term (i.e. SP 2020, FA 2020).  Your registration time will be displayed.
  4. To schedule classes, choose either Add by Course Code or Course Search.  You may also use the 'More Search Options' link to access the full schedule of course offerings.  (To drop a course you have added, select the drop box next to the specific class and click the "Drop Selected Courses" box.)

Registration is not permitted for students with past due accounts.  Contact Student Accounts for details about a past-due account. 


*Reminder: Students are not to attend classes until officially registered.*


Contact the Housing Office directly at 570-484-2317 to request on-campus housing.  Assignment will be made after new freshmen and transfer students, which may result in a temporary housing assignment.


Students who interrupt their education for any length of time are subject to the requirements in place at the time of their return, including all academic policies and program requirements.  The current University catalog is online.

Students returning after suspension or dismissal (even if return under amnesty) are “on probation.”   Probationary students will be required to work with the Academic Improvement Coordinator; information will be provided at the appropriate time.  If academic amnesty has been requested and approved, it will be reflected on the unofficial transcript on myHaven.

Students returning for a second bachelor’s degree must meet the requirements of the second degree, including an additional 30 credits beyond the credits earned for the first degree.