Spring 2022 Information

Spring 2022 classes are meeting face-to-face, fully online, or a mix of both face-to-face and online.  Please click on the course notes for additional meeting information.

     - If a class has only one meeting line that states WEB ON LINE, then that class is fully online. (This may be referred to as "asynchronous/online.")

     - If a class shows with days and times but a location of either LHUP or CLFD and ON LINE, then it is an online class meeting on those specific days and times but students will not be in a classroom as they can attend anywhere online.  (This may be referred to as "real-time remote" or "synchronous/online.")

     - If a class shows meeting days, times, and a classroom location, then it is a face-to-face class.  Students will either attend all classes face-to-face, faculty may rotate students in and out on certain days, or students may have the option to attend a face-to-face class remotely.  The days the students are not sitting in class, they may be participating via zoom.  Faculty will be making those arrangements individually.  Please check the class note for additional class meeting information.  (This may be referred to as "true face-to-face," "hyflex" or "rotating students.")

Liberal Arts Seminars

To find which seminars on the list below are being offered for a given semester, use Course Search.
Under Course Area, select the drop-down arrow and choose Liberal Arts Seminar; then Search.

Book Information - Need text books or supplies for the upcoming semester or session? Visit the Online Bookstore and the LHU Campus Store.
     For helpful information and tips on our Online Bookstore, visit: http://www.lockhaven.edu/virtualbookstore/ or email FirstDayAccess@lockhaven.edu for assistance.


Cost Information - Need to know tuition and fees for the semester? Visit the Cost Information page.
     This page has cost information for graduate and undergraduate students, costs based on campus and online, fees, billing, payments and more.


Refund Schedule - Dropped/withdrew from a course and want to know if you can be reimbursed for the course? Visit the Refund Schedule page.
      If a student drops or withdraws from a course between certain dates during the semester or session, a percentage paid for the course can be reimbursed.

The Course Search feature contains the full schedule or the ability to look at specific set of courses.

In order to see the full schedule, select the term and keep the Department defaulted to All.  Every course offered will display in alphabetical order of course code, with an index option for quick navigation.  Once the results display, if they are on several pages, you can click the SHOW ALL option to the left of the index to have all course offerings appear on the screen to scroll through. 

To access a specific set of courses, you can search on the following options:

  • Program
  • Term
  • Department
  • Course Number
  • Course Title
  • Method
  • Time
  • Day
  • Instructor
  • Course Area (Gen Ed, Competency, Seminar, etc.)
Title Description

The Course Search allows you to view the full schedule (select the term, then keep all other options defaulted to ALL) or to look at a specific set of courses based on the preferences you enter.