PLEASE NOTE:  If you are no longer a PA resident or your location has changed since the time of your enrollment at LHU, you should confirm that your licensure or certification for your specific major is valid in your new state.  Licensure and certification requirements by occupation and state is available at CareerOneStop.
It is important that at least annually students verify their biographical and academic information.  Of course, the information may be verified and updated more often if needed.  This is done by logging on to your myHaven account.
After logging in, select "My profile & settings" after clicking on your student ID picture in the top right corner of the page.  
STEP 1:  Review Your Biographical Information
Choose 'About Me' and 'Contact Information'
Here you will find information about yourself including name, addresses, phone numbers, birthdate, marital status, gender, education, etc.  
Some of the information on this page can be updated.  Add or edit information and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.
The information you submit to be updated will not be changed immediately on your account.  It must first be reviewed for acceptance.  Please allow 3-5 days for review and updating. 
STEP 2:  Review Your Academic Information
Choose 'Academic Information'
Here you will find academic information such as classification, academic status, planned graduation date, advisor, and program of study (degree, major, concentration).
You cannot update information here.  To correct/change information, see the list below for instructions on how to proceed:
  • Planned Graduation - Contact the Registrar's Office (Ulmer Hall 224 or email - include your full name, student ID, and specific information related to your question or change)
  • Program of Study
    • If you are a new student (freshman or transfer) for the upcoming academic year starting in August, contact the Office of Admissions prior to August 1 to request a change in your major.  After August 1, you will wait until the start of the semester and discuss with your academic advisor.  If you still decide to change at that time, complete the Change of Major form
    • Students who are not new freshmen or transfers should discuss the change of major with the advisor.  If you still decide to change your major, complete the  Change of Major form.


  • Minor - The declared minor will not show here.  If will only appear on your record at the time of graduation and upon verification of completion of all requirements. 
STEP 3:  Review Your Ethnicity and Race
After you have reviewed your Biographical and Academic Information, you leave your 'My profile & settings' page and click on the Student tab.
In the left-hand menu, under Academic Information, select Ethnicity and Race Validation.  Edit the information as appropriate and Submit Changes.  If no changes are to be made, you can leave that page.  If you already entered edit mode and found no changes, simply choose Cancel. 
If you notice other information that you think is incorrect and are unsure how to update it, please contact the Registrar's Office.