Moving Around in myHaven Portal

Navigating around the myHaven portal will involve the use of:
  • Tabs:  major functional areas along the top of the page.  The tabs represent different roles of the individual who is logged on.
  • Navigation sidebar/menu:  along the left side of the page, shows expandable, catagories of subordinate functionality within a tab
  • Navigation path (bread crumbs):  below the tabs, ("Your are here:") shows how you arrived at the current page.  Additionally, a subordinate navigation path may also exist within the context of an individual functional feature.
  • Buttons:  executes some action or event
  • Links:   standard Web links that take you to external Web pages or to an internal page or position within a long page.
These navigational methods mentioned are associated with background processing, logic, and database interactions. 
In general, you should not use your browser's "Back", "Forward", and "Refresh" buttons, because there is no specific portal functionality associated with these browser buttons and their use typically will generate a warning/error page  or return you to the initial page of page hierarchy or path.